Tortuga Beach & Spa Resort

Tortuga Luxury Spa and Restaurants, Cape Verde Islands

MELIÃ Tortuga Beach is renowned for its stunning cuisine, from fine-dining to show cooking; we expertly create a unique dining experience for every night of your stay. We have a great range of restaurants for you to sample, offering you the highest quality but also great variety for your holiday.

There is also a unique and sophisticated selection of bars. Our O’Grille Beach Bar has been voted amongst the Top 50 bars in the world, and the stunningly stylish My Champagne Bar is the place to be for complete indulgence and that extra special night out.

The YHI Spa offers an exclusive spa service with innovative new treatments for the purification of the body, balance of the mind and cultivation of the soul. A total experience for the 5 senses. within the hotel.

Located within the main hotel complex, it is a sanctuary of aromas and sounds that awaken the spirit and the gentle touch of our expert hands. At YHI SPA we are committed to your well being. We offer beautiful spaces and well thought therapies that deliver SPA experience that encompasses body, soul and mind.

The Spa offers a range of purifying and rejuvenating treatments from our Regeneration Body and Face Facial to our YHI Beautiful Skin all over treatment and massage.

The renowned luxury spa resort ‘Tortuga´ located in Punta Preta, Sal, Cape Verde.


  • Face Shine 50min 70€
  • Ayurveda Facial 50min 70€
  • Marmassage 30min 45€
  • Yhi Man Facial 50min 70€
  • Anti-aging Facial 50min 80€
  • Facial Classic 80min 80€


  • Yhi Body Peeling 25min 35€
  • Yhi Beautiful Skin 80min 100€
  • Body & Face Regeneration 80min 100€
  • Shirodara Yhi Ritual 80min 100€
  • Yhi Journey To Serenity 80min 100€


  • Deep Muscular 50/80mins 60/80€
  • Yhi Mandala Experience 80min 100€
  • Yhi Abhyanga 50/80mins 75/100€
  • Yhi Indian Scalp Massage 50min 80€
  • Reaffirming Reductive 80min 100€


  • Manicure 50min 35€
  • Pedicure 60min 45€
  • Eneryhi Manicure 60min 65€
  • Eneryhi Pedicure 75min 80€

Prices are subject to change